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Training To Be A Hypnotherapist


Training to be a hypnotherapist with The UK Academy is a sure way to access an externally accredited course at NVQ Level 4( = degree) with NCFE.

Open Your Mind To Hypnosis: an introductory day, costing only £75 for you to find out more about hypnosis and the mind or check whether you wish to pursue the full training course to be an accredited, competent practitioner.

The Dip Cah course( Diploma in Clinical And Advanced Hypnotherapy)
The course consists of 11 modules over 10 weekends( or a fast track entry of one day a week over 20 teaching weeks). Intensive courses for individuals or couples are available on request.

Course Content:

Introductory Module
Module 1: Elman Hypnotherapy and Suggestion therapy
Module 2: Self Hypnosis, Pain Management and applications for IBS and Dentistry
Module 3: Assessment of client, Smoking and Weight Management ( Specialist Certification in Smoking as free add on)
Module 4: The Therapeutic Relationship
Module 5: Stress Management And Anxiety Appl ications
Module 6: Ericksonian Hypnosis( Specialist
Module 7: Marketing and Ethics
Module 8/9: Basics of NLP
Module 10: Regression Work
Ample course notes come with each module, with extra parallel notes by Hilary and a thread running through the course of learning how to do rapid induction in a safe , ethical, non-threatening way.
Free Extras are: Short tutorials /supervision by request each weekend
Specialist Certification in Anxiety, Stop Smoking, Ericksonian and upgrade to Master Practitioner in NLP
( For the specialist certification, there is an optional weekend added by Hilary, which students request in order to fully understand and thus achieve the case studies and question paper, in order to gain the specialist and MNLP certifications)

Click here for the syllabus

Special Points To Bear In Mind:

Small group work, thus allowing lots of individual and custom made, responsive teaching
Led by an experienced and accredited teacher ( up to 1994 full-time in Further and higher Education) with a Cert Ed from University Of London and a Certified Instructor’s qualification from NGH ( USA) and experienced practitioner
Individual tutorials/supervision at no extra cost
Extra thread through the course in Rapid Inductions
Externally accredited ( by NCFE ) at NVQ Level 4( degree equivalence)
Qualification leads to being accepted by CNHC

Extra costs:

Books to buy, NCFE Registration (£50 in 2018)

Application Form

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Why Train With The UK Academy

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